With the month of August upon us and 9th of August being declared Women’s Day, I thought to clarify the rising feminine energy for the benefit of those not aware of this most important cycle. It is not rocket science nor is it whoo-whoo stuff.  Added to this is the 8/8 Lions Gate portal which is immensely powerful and the influencing new moon in Leo.

For a long time now Earth has been controlled by the masculine energy with the feminine energy suppressed. This has lead to a dis-empowering of women and even leading to a lack of respect for the nurturing and motherly Earth/Gaia globally. We see this attitude everywhere and in everything, but it is changing. We see evidence of this transition in the number of women taking their place in what have been male-dominated industries, becoming leaders of countries and women and men taking action against the suppression and cruelty that women are subject to globally. We see this in the global fight to protect Gaia. This is no accidental development or twist of fate. Rather this is by grand design of a much larger universal plan.

Within each of us, we have feminine and masculine energy, which needs must be in balance as part of our successful human experience. The misogynistic masculine cycle of the past has dictated that these energies have been in total imbalance and has inflicted devastating damage to the feminine psyche, both within men and women. The rising feminine energy is not in retaliation against the masculine, but rather an awakening of that softer loving wiser side of the deliberate duality of the Earth experience. It also does not mean that women take dominion over men in this new age of ascension, but rather to join with the men, who have suffered greatly, in creating a whole new existence that is cohesive and benevolent.

As much as women have suffered horrifically for a very long time, so too have our men. To live totally from the masculine energy, while blocking the feminine energy within, men have found themselves either having to exist in an aggressive dog-eat-dog environment where only the fittest survive or having no clue as to how to love themselves, let alone a family. Now I am not saying all men are so; in fact, it is so encouraging to see men adapting and succeeding in finding this balance within. We are seeing a rise in men who are leading from their emotional IQ. We are seeing mommy-daddies who are successfully managing to raise families on their own. We are seeing a softer side to our partners, sons and male friends, which makes me want to cry. For every male that stands up to be counted with balanced energy, yin/yang, I say thank you! You hold the space for every abused and suppressed woman on this planet.

To all the women who are awakened to this energetic empowerment by the rising feminine energy, I ask that you take time to balance both male and female, yin/yang energy within so that we can take our men with us into this new existence of benevolence. One cannot exist without the other. We are because it is as it should be. Let that future coexistence be one of wisdom, unconditional love, and cohesion. By nature, women are compassionately stronger than men and men are physically stronger than women. These complement one another; they fit together!

From my heart to yours.