About CindyLou

Hi, my is CindyLou. I currently live in Somerset West, just outside Cape Town in South Africa. I live with my youngest daughter, Andi and the next door neighbours cat, Gray.

I have never had formal training to develop my intuition nor did  I start  out my life as a psychic wonder child, but I just had this knowing from as far back as I can remember  that I was different. I sensed energy and emotions very easily and sometimes found this very overwhelming.

I was always puzzled by the way people so easily and readily hurt their fellow humans, whether it happens to be a loved one or a total stranger. My solution was to retreat within especially when this was directed at me. I have a very hard time with the amount of wilful negativity on our planet. I don’t understand the choices to go to war, to hurt others or to lie and be mean to others.  It is something I still struggle to understand or to accept. I feel the pain! This sometimes makes it very difficult for me to be in crowded public places.

I have embraced the gifts of experience that this has opened and taught to me.  I am truly grateful for these experiences and those loved ones who delivered them! With all this gut wrenching trauma I have lived through and by the guidance from my children passed, an intuitive knowing has been gifted me and opened my heart to a very down to earth way in which I can be of assistance to those brothers and sisters who are lost in the pain of life.

Changing Life’s – Guiding Others

These gifts have given me the ability to intuitively guide clients by presenting a soul perspective of difficult and hurtful situations. I use my ability to take the abstract and to put it into language that helps clients to grasp new concepts and thereby create new understanding in any given situation. This gift unfolds spontaneously as I communicate – in conversation, in writing or when I speak.

I believe that each one of us are precious loving souls created with love and  from love, who through negative conditioning tend to forget how to open our hearts. We have even become our own worst enemy by not loving ourselves firstly. A hurting person becomes the hurter. It does not have to be that way or stay that way! We have choices and we are responsible for the results of such choices!!

I have learnt to use tarot cards and numerology as a medium to access and deliver messages of healing. If you would like to contact me to book an appointment for a reading or just drop me a line in conversation,  my contact details are on my contact page. I will gladly do a remote reading, a skype reading or if you live close by, meet for an in person reading.

I look forward to every opportunity to guide and assist where ever possible if you are willing to trust my love and guidance.

From my heart to yours!!