In my opinion, of all the jobs in the world, nay, in the universe, the job of Mother requires the most responsibility and integrity, demands the most sacrifice, calls for the most wisdom, reveals huge reserves of strength you had no idea you had and is the most underpaid, in monetary terms. Worst of all, it is one of those jobs, along with the job of father, which comes with no training or skills development at all. Yet, which parent would want to be dictated to on how to bring up your own children. That is more than half the fun. How each of us mothers chooses to raise our children is very personal and individual. It is as it should be!

The adventure of motherhood is both exhilarating, adventurous, fulfilling and, for me, spiritual and sacred. From the first moment of finding out that you are pregnant, to holding that baby in your arms in the delivery room and beyond, the journey is life changing. The upwelling of love that fills your chest is overwhelming. The ordeal of labour pain forgotten, erased forever(well, over time it is). From that moment onwards, this little being becomes the centre point of your focus, present, and future, all the while revealing a deeper side of your own character that is soul deep.

The honour of having the job of raise a new little person, from start to adulthood is at times quite intimidating. A tricky part of this job is raising an individual who is balanced and capable; socially, intellectually and creatively without crushing the personality or the sense of adventure, all the while taking cues from the child. And guess what…they do fight back!  As mothers, at some point, all we have left is our sense of humour and a need to compromise, keeping in mind that this is their life path – not yours. At the end of the day, the children will blossom and still love you as their Mom and that love will overwhelm you all over again. This is the reward!

Sometimes, sadly, mothers are tragically robbed of the full privilege when the pregnancy is cut short for whatever reason, or the pleasure of walking beside your child/children into their adulthood is denied you. I am truly deeply sorry. Nothing anyone can say or do can remove the pain. This is your personal journey. On a soul level, you have connected with your child and have known that love. That very love is the bond that ties you together across the veil. Hold tight to that love within your heart space and never let the pain and fear rob you of that. I want you to know that on behalf of mothers worldwide, we will hold the light for you and send immense healing love. Your courage is a shining beacon.

To all the mothers in the world, Happy Mother’s Day! And ultimately Happy Mother’s Month.  You are celebrated beyond your wildest dreams by your spouses, your children and the company of heaven.

From my heart to yours!