Spiritual Journey Facilitator and Wayshower

I have never had formal training to develop my intuition nor did  I start  out my life as a psychic wonder child, but I just had this knowing from as far back as I can remember  that I was different. I sensed energy and emotions very easily and sometimes found this very overwhelming.

These gifts have given me the ability to intuitively guide clients by presenting a soul perspective of difficult and hurtful situations. I use my ability to take the abstract and to put it into language that helps clients to grasp new concepts and thereby create new understanding in any given situation. This gift unfolds spontaneously as I communicate – in conversation, in writing or when I speak.

Recent Client Testimonials

The following are just a few client testimonials for those I have helped on their Spiritual Journey and guidance

My reading with Cindy Lou brought so much perspective in my life. She took me on a amazing journey through my past; present and future. Only then could I put all the pieces together. My life was not easy. Cindy could put my past in a more meaningful perspective.
I found more than just guidance for the future. I also learned a lot.  I now find better insight in situations and how to handle it. I learned to trust my instincts.  I am definitely more aware of the spiritual world. I found inner peace and learned that positive attracts positive.
Your reading was absolute so accurate. It was almost scary at the time. Thanks for putting me back on my path.
Lilla Foord, Cape Town

Having a Tarot card reading with CindyLou is a magical experience. Full of accurate, spot-on and interesting twists and turns as she weaves her numerology into her readings. If you are looking for answers, I highly recommend her.

Diane, Cape Town

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